Who Stole Einstein’s Brain?

In the beginning when the Creative Exchange was the Hamilton Film Liaison a group of us wanted to put our resources to use and create a short film to showcase Hamilton’s special locations, and by their participation, the talented people who live here.

We came up with a Romantic Mystery that would take 2 investigators all around Hamilton.

With Adriano La Vella writing and Jon Soyka and I story editing we ended up with a nice tight little script that paired a gawky professor with a streetlevel PI and sent them off, on foot, looking for a missing piece of McMaster lab material – a slice of Einstein’s brain. If they don’t find it by the end of the weekend the professor loses his job.

The underlying hook of the story is that during the search the PI and the Lab Assistant fall for each other.

Normally there are only a set number of locations you can show off without becoming tedious but we overcame that obstacle by messing with continuity.

We designed many scenes as walk and talks to exploit that.

For example, we plan to show them delivering continuous dialogue while walking out of an outdoor apartment corridor on Quigley Road and step down onto James street, then turn down an alleyway in Dundas and walk past a graffiti wall in the downtown core.

The only people who are in on the joke are those who know Hamilton.

Thanks to Alexis – Marcio – Stephen – Daryl – and Ingy we created a rough version of the first scene just to spark ideas.

Because this is about promoting ourselves and the city this is a completely volunteer project – when we are assured we have support in all areas we will go ahead. But that is up to you by spreading the word or becoming part of the project which is designed to help each other boost each other.

The script is available for anyone to read.

J. Aldric Gaudet