What If #1

There have been a lot of ‘what if’s in my life, after all I am a writer and ‘what if’s are the stock and trade.

I will start by outlining my intention for these journals. I plan to write about the circumstances that led to, or surround, the projects I have worked on and am working on. There are always interesting circumstances.

Like the circumstances behind the screenplay of the movie Baltic Storm – and the movie that could have been.

The circumstances behind the screenplay of yet-to-be movie Flight To Oblivion: Anatomy of a Hijacking and the true events that inspired it. A movie that needs to be made.

The ancient Halloween traditions that were woven into the fabric of the story Ween.

The development of the story Scooter which began as an episode of the TV series The Littlest Hobo.

The circumstances behind Error-2000 and my discovery that the producers and director were unimaginative filmmakers.

To those Shakespeare fans who drop by I plan to write about the amusing discoveries I made about Romeo and Juliet, Cymbeline, and Hamlet while culling through 400 years of published arguments between experts about the meanings of certain words or phrases.

Inevitably a movie I see will spark me to comment on some aspect of filmmaking, screenwriting, or film editing under the umbrella StoryTelling_OnScreen. ST_OS.


Occasionally these little ‘what if’s may appear. Sort of like Easter eggs. Because sometimes the ‘what if’ isn’t a story.

What if politicians who voted themselves a pay raise had to wait until after the next election before the raise took effect?