Four hot summer days in August spent in a borrowed location, an upper floor we had completely blacked out and therefore cut off all air circulation. You could say we put ourselves, and especially our actor, through similar trials as the Prisoner, the character in the half-hour film we were shooting of Poe’s story.

To bring his words to life we need only apply broad visual strokes of the Prisoner’s ordeal to go along with the Narrator’s account.

For us it began with the platform. We called it the dais. It was our only prop.

What the Prisoner endures throughout the torturous time happens in black space where there is nothing for the eye to see but the Prisoner while Poe’s words conjure up images for the mind.

The grand experiment has begun. We are putting the telegraph mosaic into action.

The Prisoner has gone through the ordeal and emerged. Footage has been exposed.

More to come.