Deadly Pursuit



Deadly Pursuit aka The Commando Game


A friendly fire incident wipes out a troop of soldiers and sends the soul survivor on a trail of vengeance against the artillery unit involved.

During a reunion weekend dedicated to paint-ball games the disguised survivor substitutes a real gun and goes after the unit members one by one.


I saw an ad about a company looking for Canadian scripts. I sent in my script for The Hijacking of Studio 4 and got a meeting with Lionel Shenkin. He said he couldn’t do my script but there was enough money to do one small-budget movie. He had a script but no director. I wanted to direct, so I took it.

Lionel would make Roger Corman blush. I had no idea how small a budget we had. I couldn’t use union crew or any of the normal craft talent pool. I had to find people willing to work hard for small pay and long hours. I raided Hamilton’s little theatre community for production personnel and contacted a video/cameraman I had worked with on a promo for the Peel Regional Police. He was willing to work for cheap. We shot film style. I had free reign to keep people overtime without penalty or cost, and I did, often.

I used up a lot of favours for crew and supplies to make it.

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