We planned out the details for the shoot over the period of a year and a half.

We storyboarded every shot and worked it all out on the wall of my kitchen.

Without a budget to speak of we cobbled together the elements necessary to fulfill the vision of this experiment.

We built walls from discarded hollow doors painted black and made jacks and straps from salvaged wood to hold them up and suspend the black backdrop cloth overhead.

We painted absorbent drop cloth material black and used it to cover the floor.

We cut old weathered rail ties into strips for the torture bed.

We bought LED floodlights and made cardboard barn doors for lighting, then mounted them on a handmade grid system attached to sturdy tripods.

We used a GoPro 6 attached to a custom-made shoulder and gimbal mount.

We took 2 days to load and set up, 4 days to shoot, and one day to disassemble.

The Shot report is linked here.